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Welcome to Tim-Carter.com

Welcome to my site. I have created this site to post examples to other programmers out there to make life a little easier with different programming examples

My main work is done in JQuery/PHP/SQL/HTML/JavaScript/CSS/ASP/C+/Ajax

I have also made programs that can automatically generate invoices in Intuit Quickbooks, and Microsoft Navision Attain based on SQL Data. This means tools that build invoice data based on data from a database and bringing it into the accounting software. This has saved customers days in invoicing procedures every month. If you have some kind of program you need but can't find it, then feel free to contact me and maybe we can work something out.

I must say that JQuery is the best framework library I have tried. It just works. Especially if you are doing a lot of Ajax. You can also do simple animations with JQuery or even chaining them which is so nice. Enumeration of objects and element in your code has never been easier. There are tons of plug-ins for JQuery which is great. Check it out. There is some frameworks out there that can animate a little better than JQuery but I decided to just learn JQuery and then Master it, instead of using many frameworks and just know half of what each other can do.

A Funny Note
I use experts-exchange.com a lot and I highly recommend it, but one day an "expert" replied to a question I had when I was trying to build a drop down menu from scratch. he said : "Why don't you just search on the web and download a drop down menu and then put in the pieces you need, I don't understand why you want to reinvent the wheel"

Ok first of, I find that probably the most lazy and stupid approach I have ever heard. I understand it's easier. BUT you will never learn how anything works down to the last nut and bolt if you don't look under the hood. For me I love building everything from scratch because you run into a lot of pitfalls that you wouldn't have if you just used someone else's code. And this makes your future programming a lot better.

Advice I can give you is always try to write your functions for dynamic use. This means don't hardcode anything, a lot of programmers do that and that is BAD. Before you even start on writing a function try to think if it's something you might would have to use again. If it is then write it so it is easy to use and very dynamic and easy to understand of course. Remember to leave yourself a note on how to use the function and how it works. You can even save functions like that in a separate file you always include when doing projects. Trust me this will save you hours of programming in the future.

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