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My Studio Equipment

Here are some pics of some of my studio gear

Alesis Andromeda

(The Alesis Andromeda is the pride and joy of my collection. Its a total analog synthesizer with all you need, the effects in this machine sucks. But the sound is so fat and warm it keeps you drooling everytime you touch a key. )

DSI (Dave Smith) Poly Evolver

(The Poly Evolver is the newest piece in my collection. This is a Analog AND Digital Synth. This means they have combined both analog and Digital circuits. This is a monster ;))

Alesis ION

(The Alesis ION is ok, but doesnt blow your mind. It sounds pretty cold but can be usefull if you have some good fx machines )

Yamaha CS6x

(I keep my CS6x mostly for fun, i dont really use it anymore. But it has made a big appearence in dance in the 90's)

Korg M1

(This synth has so nice strings and good overall sounds.. Been used by Vangelis, even ;))

Roland JP8000

(The JP8000 is a totally awesome synth. It can make sounds no other synth can make in the world. I still think that this synth is totally underestimated)

Roland JP8080

Clavia Nord Lead 3 Rack

(I just got this synth, will tell you about it later.. But it sounds fantastic ;))

Novation Supernova

(I dont really use my Supernova anymore because the sound is just to cold and weak. But this synth was a great hit in the psychedelic goa days. It has the best user interface i have ever seen on a synthesizer, so easy to understand and operate)

Virus TI Polar

(Not much to say about the new virus other than it ROCKS. The computer integration is a bit sucky though because the VST from access is not totally stable, and there is latency because you stream the audio through the USB. But would say for someone that is just starting making music, this would be all you need if you are into dance and trance)

Waldorf Blofeld

(This synth has some cool sounds and very nice filters, but for some reason i cannot get it to sync perfectly so im not using it)


(The price for a full range weighted keyboard can be really expensive. But this keyboard is excelent quality and cheap to. I recommend it)


(Just bought this. Mostly for fun. It was the best seller synth in the late 80's. It has a very distinct digital sound that can still be used for alot of cool things.)

Roland SuperJx

(On of the last ANALOG synth produced by Roland. Very nice full rich sounds)

Roland D-550

(This synth has been used by almost every big name. Despite it is digital it has a very Full Warm sound to it.)

Roland PG-1000

(Forget controlling the D-550 without this baby ;))

Alesis HR-16

(This is one of the first drum machines produced by Alesis. It is very old, but dont let that fool you. Send this baby through some vst plugins and se what happends ;))

Roland MC202

Roland RA90

Korg ER-1

(Very distinct sounding drum machine. I like it alot and use it for effects)

Novation Zero SL

(This is a very nice controller from novation with Automap.)

Korg MonoPoly

(Dont use it anymore because it doesnt have MIDI. But this was one a great synthesizer. Complete analog ofcourse)

Korg MS-20

(This is a little to old for my taste. Dont use it anymore)

Korg MS-50

(This is a little to old for my taste. Dont use it anymore)

Adam P22a

(The best monitor i have ever heard.)

Behringer B2031A

(My first real monitor. Keeping them for testing)

Blue Sky ProDesk 2.1

(Secondary testing monitors with SUB)

Behringer ADA8000

(ADA Interface for my MOTU)

Behringer BTR2000

(This is a really easy to use guitar tuner. Good to have. Even has a rack light)

Eventide H8000FW

(Forget every other effect/reverb machine you have ever heard. This will blow you clear out into space. But it is really expensive)

TL Audio Ivory 2 5052

(This baby is the most awesome compressor i have ever had)

TC Intonator

(This unit is priceless when working with vocal recording)


(This unit is all its money worth. Its pretty cheap actually. But very good effects)

Mackie Big Knob

(This baby has great sound. I use it to switch sound to the different monitors, and to control the master volume)

Mackie 32-8 Mixer

(This is a really great analog mixer.)

(This baby has great sound. I use it to switch sound to the different monitors, and to control the master volume)

Motu 828MK2

(The best PC sound card i have ever had. No noise. Just works. BUT what i would give to be able to add more channels ;))

Emagic Unitor8

(SERIAL Midi interface)

MOTU Midi Express 128

(USB Midi Interface)

Native Instruments Kore

(Great controller for controlling Native Instruments VST Plugins)

TC Electronic PowerCore

(Im not that thrilled with the powercore card, it has great sounding plugins but the drivers SUCK)

Line 6 Pod XT Live

(This is a very cool guitar board. Alot of cool AMP models. Sounds good)

SE Electronic Z-5600

(Best POP Mic to date, period)

SE Electronic Reflexion Filter

(When you dont have a professinal sound both, this is your friend)

ESP KH-603

(I bougth this guitar cheap on sale. Its the best guitar i have ever bought. So easy to play. and very full sound)

Cort SFX5

(Nice acoustic with pickup)

Big Beat DD1

(This drumkit sucks. But for the price of it its ok)

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Comment submitted by Tim Carter
Submitted date 2013-06-03 10:25:25
Hi David, I just play around mostly these days. After I became a father and got a family the music days died for me. Simply does not have the time. So know its just sitting there. But I also like to collect it, and play it once in a while. :) Take care

Comment submitted by Tim Carter
Submitted date 2013-06-03 10:23:23
To FlametopFred : The RA-90 is purely for fun. It just sounds so Roland that me and my friend always crack up when we play around with it

Comment submitted by David
Submitted date 2013-03-12 18:20:48
Hey- do you make music professionally or just play around?   Just curious...  if so send me a link!!   superflyingsquirrel@gmail.com   I'm in LA and I am a music producer, all this stuff looks like a lot of fun.   I own/have owned a couple of these but you have the dream team here.   NL3 Rack, Andromeda, Eventide effects... nice lineup.   Cheers

Comment submitted by FlametopFred
Submitted date 2012-10-15 16:06:49
Hi - curious as to what you use your RA-90 Arranger for ? ? cool gear and studio !

Comment submitted by Tim Carter
Submitted date 2012-07-09 22:01:30

Hi Ken,


I use the ADA8000 simply for extra inputs. You only have 8 on the motu card, so with the ADA I have 16 inputs I can use :)

Comment submitted by ken
Submitted date 2012-06-30 01:18:01
Hi Tim
I like that you haev an article about your studio gear. Wow you have a lot of synths and keyboards! I have some motu gear too - so well done for highlighting that. Q: why do you use the behringer ada8000 with your Motu gear?

Comment submitted by Daniel
Submitted date 2011-05-31 10:27:27
want to sell something, Monopoly and MS20 50

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